Thank you for visiting our page. The SOYJOY brand has been discontinued in the US, and is no longer available for purchase. We thank you for your loyal support over the years. For questions, please call SOYJOY Consumer Affairs at 1-888-676-9569.

Benefits For Women

SOYJOY bars are are high in soy protein, offering important health benefits for women and pregnant women.

All-natural, nutrient-rich SOYJOY is a smart snack for women because it provides the nutrients and sustained energy you need to help you get through your day and keep hunger in check between meals.

Packed with Nutrients Your Body Needs
Because SOYJOY is made with ground whole soybeans it provides all of the benefits of whole soy – including fiber, vitamins and minerals that your body needs. Whole soy offers bone building calcium and magnesium plus vital iron along with potassium and folic acid. Whole soy is also a natural source of isoflavones – plant nutrients with antioxidant properties.

Keep Hunger in Check
Eating SOYJOY between meals can help prevent overeating at subsequent meals because SOYJOY is clinically proven to be slowly digested and absorbed, providing a gradual, lasting rise in blood sugar and a feeling of satiety. Snacking on SOYJOY leaves you feeling satisfied between meals and not ravenous before your next meal - and all for only 130-140 calories plus 3 grams of fiber per bar.

Maintain a Healthy Weight
SOYJOY is made with real fruit and whole soy which are nutrient dense and deliciously nourishing and satisfying. Foods with empty calories that provide few nutrients don’t provide sustained energy so you have to eat more of them to get the same feeling of satisfaction – but that satisfaction doesn’t last and you end up craving more. This can turn into a vicious cycle of overeating. 130-140 calorie SOYJOY is the perfect portion-controlled snack to help you stay satisfied and maintain a healthy weight.