Our Process

From the plants in the ground where we get our whole soy to the plants where SOYJOY® is packaged – and every step in between, this is our process.

The soybeans are picked- The soybeans we pick are Non-GMO and grown here in the United States.

Grinding the soybeans- The whole soybeans we use are toasted and ground.

Weighing our ingredients- All the raw ingredients are accurately weighed.

Mixing the ingredients- All the necessary ingredients are combined in a mixer. Each flavor has its own mixing time and speed.

Forming the dough- After it’s mixed, the dough goes through the forming machine. It’s formed to make long, thick noodles.


Cutting into shape- The long noodles of dough are cut into shape.

Baking the bars- The cut bars pass through an oven to bake for approximately 20 min.

Cooling them down- The baked bars are transferred onto spiral conveyors to cool down for approximately 35 minutes.

Wrapped and packed- In order to maintain flavor and freshness, the bars are wrapped as soon as they cool down.

Tested and Shipped- Only products that have passed strict quality testing and released and shipped for you to enjoy.